Video Clips showing examples of use of TOM

Audio Perception

Sabrina, 3.5 years old, is working with the Farm-Animal Set. The task in this sequence is to assign the correct animal sound to the corresponding animal. The number of animals on offer can be defined.

Understanding of Terms

In this sequence Sabrina learns to understand new definitions or terms within the range of ?Vegetables? The girl puts the individual wooden figures on the ?Magic-Board?, TOM then tells her the name of the vegetable in question.

Seriality ? Memory Training

In this sequence Sabrina is using the programme ?Seriality ?Memory-Training?. As in all of the other programmes the number of available objects to be chosen can be defined. A series pre-defined by TOM is completed by Sabrina.

Visual Perception

In this exercise (Programme ?Visual Perception?) Anna has to place the figures on the ?Magic Board? as pre-defined by TOM with regard to optical and acoustical perception.



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