The Idea

Ulrike Liegle
Ulrike Liegle

An idea created by Ulrike Liegle, Special Teacher for Handicapped Children in Salzburg and Guest Tutor at the University College of Education in Salzburg.

During her daily teaching routines, she recognised that keyboard- or mouse-controlled, elementary computer learning programmes could not meet the expected requirements for successful learning. This led to the development of the TOM Computer Learning system.

The Concept

Play Figure „Giraffe“
Play Figure „Giraffe“

Contrary to all conventional, EDP-supported teaching programmes, PLATUS has developed systems which do not require the undesired – due to being abstract elements – use of keyboard and mouse. Computer-aided learning is carried out exclusively by means of using the three-dimensional wooden figures on the computer.

TOM offers the child a continuous and immediate feedback on the success of the learning exercises carried out. The child-user needs neither keyboard nor mouse, but simply the three-dimensional figures offered, - LEARNING by SEIZING – UNDERSTANDING by TOUCHING. The figures are recognised by a newly developed computer input device, the ACTIVITY-BOARD and the information is transferred to the computer via a USB-interface.



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