The past of Platus

Platus Learning Systems GmbH is an Upper Austrian company with its headquarters in Schwanenstadt.

In 2004 the company was founded by educators and technicians, and pursued one goal: the development of learning and therapy systems. Tom, a now well-known learning system is a product of that time. The founding fathers were always on the search of alternative forms of learning in connection with the latest computer technology taking into account  practical experience.

The development of computer technology for people with mental and physical impairments was pushed forward by Platus.

Platus nowadays

Platus is nowadays much more than a producer of educational and therapeutic materials. Aids in the field of AAC (Augmentive Alternative Communication) were added and the product ranges was expanded.

The areas include today the initiation of communication in the area of early intervention and the use of simple and complex communication devices.



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